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About Me

At 21 I co-founded my first business and since then have gone on to found 2 other successful ventures. Over the last 14 years and founded a business with over 30 staff.⁠ in 2020 I sold my share of a digital marketing agency allowing me to focus on wealth creation and property full time!

I now run Highline Property, Passionate about our unique investment opportunities by creating stunning high-end luxury accommodation, our projects are all design-led and nurture tenant wellbeing. Working alongside a skilled team and our investors we are gradually changing the standard of accommodation in the city.

I also run a Norwich based business and property mastermind and also mentor individuals across the country helping them grow their own portfolios and leave full time jobs to follow their passion.

On a more personal level, I'm a dedicated family man with a young family and have a passion for cars, learning and anything business related.

Have any questions?

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